What is Bodhidaoism?


Bodhidaoism is a solitary path of awakening that has no clergy, church, dogma, or scripture. Bodhidaoism is not the Ten Principles, but rather it is the philosophy of life that you build out of the Ten Principles. 

What is bodhidaoism?

No God Required


Bodhidoism is for those who do not believe in a personal God, the supernatural, or an immortal soul.

Ancient Wisdom


Bodhidaoism incorporates insights from Humanism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Stoicism.



Bodhidaoism holds that life and Nature are sacred, and we will do our best to protect both.


The Bodhidaoist spiral


"'There is a good thing on top of that mountain.  I will make a straight line for it.' But the archetypal way is not like that; it is a serpentine way that wriggles and spirals its way to the top.  We often feel defeated by it and brought to a standstill.  It makes most people terribly impatient and even desperate when nothing happens and they get nowhere.  They feel hindered all the time; they don’t understand that this is just as it should be, that it is actually their only way of getting to the top" (C.G Jung, The Visions Seminars, Book Two, p.295).